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Our "free" democracy reached dead end. Proofs of it are all around us; if you examine any given problem closely you will find so much nonsense, that you won't be surprised "solutions" hardly work. Governments have tendency of appointing new agency or special commission for particular cases. It's not only clogging, slowing down proper development.

What is worse that kind of approach does not work on real causes,which are left alone and treated as constants. It won't work. Never. Our only possibility to deal with problems in our society is to treat them as we treat and understand ecosystems. And any kind of political correctness trying to blind us will not help. We have to step out of present illusion(we will anyway - why not now) of economy rules. It is not freedom, it is not even democracy - now marketing rules the world. We are humans, not employees. "Economically viable" and "right" are not synonymous. Sooner we realize it the better.

As problem is so complex I will give here only two examples:

1. Children Rising
At the moment we let "Money & Power" paradigm educate our children(and ourselves for that matter). It results in all sorts of trouble: from bed behaviour to alcohol abuse to overweight. Source of those is the same: we are leaving our kids alone and the don't know what is right or wrong. Their only dream is "to be famous".They are treating projection as reality and are unable to cope with their intellectual and emotional needs. Not even million commissions won't solve it if we do not address the source.

2. Drug Abuse
Similar really to the above. It is disorder of society which manifest in emotional problems of individuals. No agency or prohibition will work.

Accept it. It is pretty obvious truth. It is what we will do with it what matters.

We the undersigned are asking simple question: When government will stop treating people as employees? We are humans. And World is not a marketplace.
Stop trying to find solutions for every single problem and start to work on bigger scale. From roots up.

Please stop escaping from real sources of problems of modern World by multiplying agencies and start addressing sources of problems - not end effects of them.("Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity"). All major issues in our society are connected and can’t be solved by trying not to see it. We are an organism. If that organism is malnutrition and ill it affects all sorts of symptoms.

From homelessness, drugs (including alcohol) abuse to public safety to education system, wherever you look, real problems are caused by our stupid “Money & Power” paradigm.

Please start to think.

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