#Persistent Noise Bylaw Violation
The Abbott Café, 99 Spencer property owners, Property Standards Toronto, City Councillor Gord Perks

Firstly, please do not donate money to this online petition. We are not seeking money, we are only seeking your support. Any money collected will be donated to PARC. We are simply trying to find people who can vouch for the ongoing disturbance. If you have not personally been affected by the dog noise at The Abbott café, but support and understand their neighbour's peaceful enjoyment of their homes, please sign and comment.

Not every dog that is tied up on the fire escape of the Abbott café while their owners grab a cup is a disturbance, and that not every dog owner is heartless enough to ignore that their frightened pet is so scared of being alone that they can't handle sitting outside a window quietly for 5 minutes. There are, however, specific people who need to be held responsible for their specific dogs being allowed to make noise that echoes off the brick buildings nearby so loud and so early to wake up the neighbours at times that even construction workers would need a special permit.
We are asking you to help us make it known that this ongoing noise issue is not acceptable. Though there are only a few residences that directly abut the coffee shop, this isn't a case of just one person causing problems for dog owners, this is a case of dog owners disregarding those few neighbours' right to enjoy their homes.
We're calling for everyone who has thus far ignored our pleas for a peaceful home environment to finally let these bad apples know that our right to a peaceful dwelling is worth more than a $5 latté. The people who live around the Abbott café are patrons too, and we matter. We should be able to sleep, we should be able to enjoy a book in our living rooms, we should be able to sit peacefully in our homes without being jarred by loud, aggressive dogs barking outside our doors on a regular basis.

The Abbott café has, for many years, attracted a colourful and diverse customer base from Parkdale, including many dog owners and walkers, which occasionally make noise. However, when the incredibly loud minority has been asked to respect their neighbours' right to quiet, those responsible for the loud, barking dogs, and even the café owners have shirked their responsibilities as good neighbours and refused to do anything to help the situation. We are asking everyone involved to please either get their dogs' barking under control so as not to disturb the inhabitants of the surrounding dwellings, take them to run out their energy at a park before they leave them unattended to get coffee, or to simply leave their rambunctious loud dogs at home while they go for coffee.
So far, for at least the last two years, all pleas to dog owners and the café have been met with outright dismissal. We are asking the dog owners, walkers, café owners, property owners and even the city to please get this noise situation under control. There is no excuse or reason for neighbours to make such loud disturbing noises at times when even construction workers in the city are not permitted to without applying for a permit.
We, the undersigned, call on the dog walkers, dog owners, the management of the Abbott café, the owners of the building at 99 Spencer and the city to please take some action to get control over the persistent, almost daily loud barking of dogs tied up outside of the Abbott café.
We have seen dogs barking uncontrollably while tied up unattended and believe that we and our neighbours deserve better.
Thank you so much for your support,

Spencer Avenue

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