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The Garner-Brown Initiative/Million Man Defense is a Committee designed to put an end to police brutality. It is a ballot initiative being promoted at the city, county, and state levels which implements real world solutions designed to encourage effective law enforcement practices without the need for defunding law enforcement agencies.

The checks and balances enacted by the GBI help to ensure police officers are held accountable for their actions. At the same time they given officers the tools necessary to serve and protect the communities in which they serve in an effective and efficient manner, making their jobs and job duties easier to perform.

End Police Brutality.

This petition aims to end police brutality and the abuse of power by law enforcement within the entirety of the State of Missouri.

This petition requires law enforcement officers, their departments, and precincts with the jurisdictions of their precincts to follow, implement, and adopt the below listed specific policies as part of the standard practices of their duties and employed positions within their department and precinct. This petition also requires police departments and precincts within the entirety of the state of Washington and individual precinct jurisdictions to implement, adopt, and make regular practice as part of organizational function the below listed regulations and requirements.

Regulation #1. All uniformed officers working with the public outside of the physical complex of the department and or precinct must wear body cameras. These cameras must be functioning in working condition and be actively recording at all times by all officers whenever the uniformed officer is on duty and is outside of the physical building of his/her department and or precinct.

Regulation #2 All officers within the entirety of the State of Washington whose duty entails working with the public at large or in specific detailed positions are required by the law set aside by this petition to undergo a psychological evaluation of fitness biennially, that is, every other year of duty, in order to remain in the position of public law enforcement officer. This evaluation is and will be based on preexisting tests already administered by law enforcement academies during the pre-screening process. Officers who fail to undergo the test within a reasonable amount of time will be subject to dismissal of duty for the sake of public safety. Officers who fail the examination will be given sufficient and adequate retraining and be allowed to retake the evaluation within a 1-year period. If upon the second failure of the evaluation the officer will be placed on a temporary leave of absence and given an additional 6 months in which to pass the evaluation. If the officer fails to pass the evaluation on the third attempt the officer will be permanently dismissed from duty and relieved of his/her position.

Regulation #3 All police departments, precincts, and law enforcement agencies operating within their jurisdiction are required by rule of law set aside by this petition to offer preferential treatment in the form of first offer of employment to those candidates who reside within the jurisdiction in which the candidate will serve his or her duties. This residence must be the candidate’s primary residence where he/she lives and is defined by zip code. All candidates regardless of zip code must meet the general requirements for employment as stated in each law enforcement department and or precinct’s preexisting basic job applicant requirements. Any and all law enforcement agencies knowingly found to be in violation of this regulation will be penalized $50,000 for each violation. These funds will be relinquished to the highest local governing position. These funds will be placed into the fund for education of said governing position to be split evenly across all education districts within the jurisdiction of the law enforcement department, agency, or precinct’s jurisdiction (as stated by most specific zip-code). Each qualified local applicant, that is, an applicant who resides within the jurisdiction of the agency, department, or precinct (based on the most specific zip-code) that meets the basic requirements for hire , but is passed over for hire for an applicant from outside of the jurisdiction (as stated by most specific zip-code) will also receive as financial compensation form the said agency, department, and or precinct found to be in violation a sum of $50,000, or 1 year’s salary, whichever is greater. to be paid by the said agency, department, and or precinct directly to the applicant.

Regulation #4 All Law enforcement agencies, police departments, and /law enforcement/police precincts within the entirety of the State of Washington will require all officers whose duty requires them to work with the public at large or in a specific detailed manner to perform 25 hours of community service duty per year. These hours are to be served within the jurisdiction in which the particular officer serves. Police union activities, including activities such as the policeman’s ball and all pre-existing community service-based activities are not counted toward these individual community service requirements. These community service hours may include multiple officers working in conjunction, but the hours accrued must be done so individually and all officers must serve their community service hours within the jurisdiction in which they perform their law enforcement duties. This jurisdiction is defined by the most specific zip-code. These community service hours must include all segments, demographic, and or societal elements within the given community of the jurisdiction in which the officer serves. Any officer failing to fulfill his/her community service hour requirement will be given 6 months past the deadline to complete said hours. Any officer failing to complete said hours 6 months past the deadline will be placed on administrative duties or given a temporary leave of absence without pay until said hours are completed. The officer will have an additional 6 months in which to complete the community service hourly requirement. If said hours are not completed within this extended deadline the said officer will be dismissed from duty and his/her position terminated or be moved from a position of public law enforcement/police officer to one of administrative duty if the said law enforcement agency, department, precinct so chooses.

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