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Boston-Area Residents
United States of America

While traveling these Great United States of America, I've discovered Boston, the city I love, to be on par or to surpass many a major city in terms of culture, fashion, history, education, and diversity. What do these cities posses that Boston lacks? The case could be made for better roads, cleaner subways, or costlier housing. However, I believe that one glaring knock on Boston's national and international reputation is its early-to-bed nightlife.

For a city so vibrant, so rich, and so young, closing times affect people from all walks of life who find themselves in Beantown: tourists, college students, businessmen and women, musicians, professional athletes, and so on. To better compete economically with other major cities, as well as opening doors to greater investment and diversity, Boston should push its closing time back to one comparable with other great cities, 5 A.M. .

This should not be done haphazardly, and by signing this petition you agree that Boston should seek to push its closing time to the aforementioned hour on the condition that it study what other major cities spend on crime and law enforcement and figure out a way to keep clubs and bars open in a manner which is safe and orderly for all who patronize them.

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