Cartoon Network
United States of America

June 25, 2006

Adult Swim aired on Cartoon Netowrk starting at 11 PM Eastern/Pacific time, 10 Central. This allowed for a decent bedtime of parents that did NOT want their children watching [AS], and allowing those children to fall asleep.

Now [AS] has moved up, to 9:30 PM Central time. It is true that parent's should be making sure that their children do not watch inapproiate programing, but what about children that have a TV in their bedroom that can easily avoid their parents?

We need to have Cartoon Network ([AS]'s parent station) push back the time slot that [AS] begins.

We, the undersigned, ask Cartoon Network to move the [Adult Swim] start time back to 11 P.M. Eastern time so that there are fewer child viewers of this age-inaproiate programing.

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The Push Back Adult Swim's Time slot petition to Cartoon Network was written by Joshua Raddatz and is in the category Television at GoPetition.