The Australian Federal Minister for Communications, The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull

On 28th April, 2014 the ABC Television show “Media Watch” replayed footage originally run on 8th April, 2014 on free-to-air public television by the Channel 9 ‘Today’ television show.

That footage – suitably censored – can be viewed at http://youtu.be/yN9fUiiMPwE

Both the ABC and Channel 9 are guilty of deliberately and specifically ‘upskirting’ Princess Kate as she stepped off a plane when a gust of wind briefly lifted her skirt.

This was an illegal, criminal action, not to mention being offensively rude.

Both television stations deliberately paused the video footage at the exact moment of maximum exposure up the Princess’ skirt and then – to add insult to injury – zoomed in to a close-up, an action inarguably no different from the illegal activity of 'upskirting.'

Given that the Princess was wearing a full-length and completely modest skirt, what the two television stations have done is nothing less than a deliberate invasion of her privacy.

Not only was no attempt being made to protect Princess Kate’s modesty and dignity, every effort - both deliberate and disgraceful to Australia and severely disrespectful to the Princess - was made to invade her privacy.

We, the decent citizens of Australia are egregiously offended and embarrassed…

· by the wilful, deliberate activities of these two television stations.

· that the two television stations have so egregiously and so deliberately offended a member of the Royal Family.

· that the actions of these two television stations have projected an image of Australia to the world as being a smut-loving, rude and disrespectful nation with an inability, as would become a properly-civilised society, to be respectful of women in general and royalty in particular when embarrassing circumstances beyond their control occur.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Honourable Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, The Australian Federal Minister for Communications, to take immediate action to bring to account the individual persons (specifically) who were jointly and severally responsible for the decision to air, in a deliberate and egregiously offensive manner, the video footage described in the preamble to this petition. (Viewable at http://youtu.be/yN9fUiiMPwE )

We specifically request The Hon. Mr. Turnbull to take whatever action may be needed - including, if required, a change in legislation, with backdating if necessary - to ensure that a most severe sanction be imposed upon the persons responsible, including but not limited to their being removed from their positions of power, authority and responsibility which, by so wrongfully abusing, they have abundantly demonstrated an inability to sensibly, responsibly and decently execute.

We respectfully ask that The Minister ensure that, with a swift and severe response from the respective authorities, a strongest possible message be sent to the mainstream media in general as well as all advertisers that, to function within this society, they are, without exception, under a strict obligation to respect, maintain, uphold and advance the moral standards of decency embraced by the majority of Australian citizens.

We the signers hereto also respectfully request of The Hon. Mr. Turnbull, Australia's Federal Minister for Communications, that he announce to us the general public what steps will be taken - including the time within which a response will occur - to bring to account the decision-makers (personally) as well as the perpetrators (personally) of that offensively obscene and, arguably, illegal action of offensively invading the personal privacy of Princess Kate by an action that is nothing less than deliberate and highly illegal ‘upskirting.’

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