#City & Town Planning
Half Moon Bay City Council, Mayor and City Manager
United States of America

It is in Half Moon Bay’s best interest to customize an ordinance to fit the community. Local solutions for local challenges. This petition was created in November 2017 but we are now at a CRITICAL CROSSROADS in that we need at least 600 signatures before June 1st.

The Half Moon Bay City Council has the final authority to extend permits or revoke them even if there are regulations in place.

- Legalizing recreational cannabis reduces the black market and crime;

-The recreational cannabis industry will introduce new higher paying year-round career opportunities with benefits

-Only local hiring for Nursery’s;

-We are discussing CULTIVATION here, NOT DISPENSARIES or the rest of the cannabis value chain;

-The new state law is clear on the point of children and accessibility. A legal, regulated cannabis industry involves consumers/producers who are not individuals under 21 years of age;

-67% of residents living in Half Moon Bay approved Proposition 64 last November.


The undersigned individuals and households SUPPORT the City of Half Moon Bay in drafting an ordinance to allow the commercial cultivation of Cannabis in the PRE-EXISTING GREENHOUSES within the city limits and which are at least 1000 feet from any school, playground, park, nursery or child care center. Testing, manufacturing, processing, dispensaries and deliveries are NOT included in this petition. WE OPPOSE A MORATORIUM on commercial cannabis cultivation in pre-existing greenhouses within the city limits of Half Moon Bay.

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