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1. 420 change to 520

People it is time we make a change for the better. How often can you light up at 420? If you are like myself and a great deal of the world we are at work at 420. My boss unfortunately will not allow me to enjoy 420 and I suspect not many of yours will either. So it is time to make a change for the betterment of all. If we change 420 to 520 we can all, or substantially more of us, truly enjoy what 420 means. By moving 420 to 520 we will not only change the time to a more convenient time but we will move 420, April 20th, to 520, May 20th. the weather tends to be more pleasant for our outdoor celebrations.

All I ask is for the people to pause and think and decide for themselves.

lets make a change that works at a higher plane for all.

2. Putting an end to the prescription opiate addiction in Texas, by passing medical marijuana laws.

American Academy of Pain Medicine states that, more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Most of which is treated with opioid prescriptions. According to the CDC, nearly half of all U.S. opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opiate. The Center of Disease Control also found that, in 2015 more than 15,000 people died from overdoses involving prescription opiates alone, in same year the number of marijuana deaths put out by the CDC were zero. In fact research did find that opiate-related deaths decreased by around 33 percent in 13 states in the following six years after medical marijuana was legalized. The CDC also warns that overdose is not the only risk related to prescription opiates. Misuse, abuse, and opioid use disorder (addiction) are also potential dangers. In 2014, almost 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on prescription opiates. As many as 1 in 4 people, who receive prescription opioids long term for non-cancer pain in primary care settings, struggles with addiction. Every day, over 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments for misusing prescription opioids, 13 states with medical marijuana use saw approximately 17,000 fewer deaths from prescription opiates. Allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana can help patients get off the dangerous track of opioids. According to an article published by U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, "The entry of cannabinoid medicines to the pharmacopoeia offers a novel approach to the issue of chronic pain management, offering new hope to many" (Russo). Giving another chance for marijuana to be used appropriately and under the direction of a trained physician will help patients all across Texas.

3. Legalize Medical Marijuana in Nepal

Marijuana is a natural substance that has been illegal in Nepal since the 1970's . As a matter of fact it was declared illegal because Other nations didn't want their citizens to go to Nepal and Smoke weed.

As of 2016 Marijuana is Legal in most of the states in the US as a Recreational Drug and in some states as a Medically used drug.

Various studies have been conducted regarding the medicinal use of marijuana which has no side effects as compared to the modern western medicine we use everyday which has a lot of side effects that lead to long tern health effects. Studies have concluded that marijuana is known to Treat PTSD and other cancer too that to quicker and with no side effects.

Marijuana is been promoted as a bad substance and it is seen as a bad habit of people who smoke weed.

Commonly known as 'GANJA' is currently illegal to posses and there are strict laws in place for the possession and dealing of Marijuana.

This people suffering from Migraine, Sleep Disorders , PTSD , Cancer, Pain and various other medical Problems will benefit from the legalization of Medical Marijuana.

4. Malta - Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana, one of the safest substances on earth, with no recorded death in the history of mankind. Yes it has some negative impact, but only if people use it carelessly. Like anything else too much of something isn't good. Some negatives of heavy users are :

- short term memory loss
- laziness
- apathy and careless
- sleepy/drowsiness
- causes heart to speed up (which could cause heart attacks if a person suffers from serious heart issues)
- can cause one's sex drive to go down
- anxiety, panic or paranoia (of being caught)
- nicotine addiction (when using tobacco that contains nicotine to roll)
- inability to understand things as fast as normal

There are some other negative side effects for heavy users that smoke Marijuana alot. Despite all this, Marijuana cannot kill you (unless you suffer with serious heart or lung conditions, in which case the condition will kill you because of it ) as the lethal 'overdose' intake for Marijuana would need to be ~650kg in roughly 15 minutes which is humanely impossible. To give you an idea, if a person was to put 0.5g of Marijuana into a 'joint', one would need to smoke 1,300,000 joints in 15 minutes, and even than, it's not the THC that would kill you, but rather the lack of oxygen in your lungs. So much so, that a simple peanut has a higher death rate per year than Marijuana.

So what are it's actual medical benefits? Here's a list of some medical illnesses it helps to threat :

- muscles pain
- multiple sclerosis
- nerve pain
- arthritis pain
- lack of apetite
- epilepsy
- chronic pain
- headaches and migraine
- chrons disease
- halts / slows down cancer
- Parkinson
- Alzheimers
- stress
- post traumatic stress disorder
- glaucoma
- weight loss
- lupus
- nausea

Impressive isn't it? Best of all, it's naturaly grown, can be grown in any garden and can help replace actual prescription drugs and save money.

Speaking of money, let's go through some benefits of business across the Maltese islands.

Tourism is one of the biggest markets in Malta, without a doubt, I myself work with tourists and it's unbelievable how many ask me 'is weed legal here?' and they are disappointed when they find out that it's not legal. So how's this help tourism?

Let's look at Amsterdam, the weed capital of Europe. Amsterdam alone makes ~250-500 million euros a year on just weed TAX, people from all around the world flock to Amsterdam for a legal smoke and hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars charge more due to higher tourism and demands and therefore make more profit (much like San giljan or sliema). Now, malta is not the same size of Amsterdam obviously, but working with a bit of estimates.

Every year in Malta, 1 million or so tourists visit, now say 5% of said tourists smoke, and we applied the standard 18% malta tax rate and say every tourist was charged the standard street price of 20 euro per gram, that would be 200,000 euros a year in tax, and that's just saying malta not being 'advertised' as a country that sells Marijuana.

Now say it was legalized and people across the world find out, we're in the Centre of Europe and Africa and have tourists coming here from every end of the world, now say we get for arguments sake 500,000 Marijuana tourists a year here, same thing, the estimate street price of 20 euro per gram and apply the 18% standard tax, and you have yourself 1.8 million on taxes per year on weed, not to forget to mention about all the bars, kiosks, souvenir shops, restaurants, Maltese airline and all other tourist outlets that benefit from the increase of tourism in Malta and increase jobs for malta.

Still not convinced at the benefits this simple natural plant brings?

Marijuana has 2 parts, just like any other plant, there is the female and the male. The female plant is where we get 'weed' from, the smoke able type that contains THC and grants all these benefits. The male however is not smoke able but it is far from useless. The male counterpart is called 'hemp'. So what can you make with hemp? Well you should be asking 'what can't you make with it'. Not to go into too much detail, here are some Hemp uses :

- it can substitute wood
- turned into paper
- can make biofuel for cars or energy
- lotions and oils
- can be used to build hoses
- can made rope and fiber
- clothing
- you can cook with it (applies to the female plant also)
- compost
- soap and disinfectants

The list could go on forever, but in short, Hemp can be turned into almost everything you can think of .

So it's safer than any legalized substance like alcohol and cigarettes, it has never killed a person in the history of mankind, it can replace alot of prescription drugs, the male Hemp plant has an abundant amount of uses and it could make Malta's tourism flourish like never before, and best of yet it can be grown by any one, so why is it illegal? Why should a natural plant be treated so illegaly?

Crime would also drop, as the majority, if not all, dealers would stop selling illegal Marijuana and harsher penalties could be added for people caught selling illegally if such laws came into play. Furthermore, police could put their resources to finding people who use real, harsher drugs and therefore crime rate would drop as result.

So I ask you brothers and sisters, do you stand together to help reform the way malta view Marijuana? Or will you sit there idle and do nothing? In the end of the day, legalized or not, people will still smoke Marijuana, it's just a matter of whether or not Malta will be smart and actually benefit from it or not.

Thank you for reading and for your support.

5. White Rock Mayor Urged to Approve Medical Marijuana Pilot Project

It is no secret that medical marijuana facilities have been growing in number in BC's Lower Mainland. Many of these facilities have opened and operated without the guidance of their government or local city officials, resulting in certain relaxed operating protocols, miscommunication and facilities being shut down on a frequent basis.

Rather than risking the confusion and inconsistency, communities can initiate a Pilot Project which would allow a Mayor and City Council the opportunity to openly work with a pilot facility, such as Releaf Compassion Centers, to create operating protocols and bylaws.

The pilot facility's operating protocols would be up for public scrutiny and adjustment until the point is reached where the community and the pilot facility no longer have concerns that need addressing. Then all facilities that wish to open within the community will have to abide by those agreed upon standards.

Releaf has requested a Pilot Project with the City of White Rock, believing that it will be an effective solution to creating safe community-based access to medical marijuana that supports the needs and concerns of the everyone.

6. Save Medical Cannabis in Washington state

We are a local Medical Marijuana dispensary residing in Bellingham Washington part of Whatcom county. With current law changes in the state small medical marijuana businesses like ourselves are struggling to stay open. With over 1,300 patients relying on our survival through the changes in the state. We are very worried about the well-being of our patients and the future of their medicine.

As a company who from the beginning has charged sales tax on our products while from the beginning being zoned correctly we are confused on why we have not gotten our 502 retail license. We are interested in getting our medical endorsement as well to continue to serve our patients. We are asking to receive our license, we pay our taxes and we have our business license. We have had our business license from the beginning proving we are ahead of the game and deserving of being able to serve our community.

We are here to fight for our patients, over the years of being open we have seen our fair share of success stories in the state. Being one of the leading states on patients rights for medical cannabis access. People from all over the country and even world have settled in to embrace the medicine and its god given potential. Sadly the example we were leading has diminished and unfortunately the states current laws take a decent amount, if not most of patient's rights away. From children with epilepsy going seizure free for extended periods, to multiple patients cancer being abolished.

We know there is something we are doing right to help people find the products needed for their survival. Call us Crazy, but we love to see these types of success stories. It brings joy to our hearts to see a little girl who knows nothing but suffering, 150+ seizure free days and counting. It makes our problems not seem so big when we are able to see a woman clear up tumors on her lungs, or to see a man walk in the door a week later when his leg was suppose to be amputated do to cancer. To even success stories of our own.

If we are forced to do so, we will begin our transformation into a recreational style store, while serving medical patients. We want to stick around to help all aspects of the field and assure that someone around still cares about patient rights. Sign the petition to not only keep us going, but to fight for the rights of patients everywhere.

Cannabis is a natural plant found naturally around the world, it is a right that we have our medicine, not someone's decision sitting behind a desk. It all starts with Grass Roots movements, will you be able to say you were there to see it all blow up? Or will you be there to say damn, if only i would have spoke up?

7. Legalize Marijuanna in Griffin Georgia

I am starting this petition to get marijuana legalized in our state. I truly believe that it will knock down a lot of crime. I believe that it will knock down some of the jail rate. it will keep family's from being ripped apart.

I think that it will help also with health issues and with pms.. stress relief.. most of all it will keep a lot of the crime rate down.

8. Legalize Marijuana for Millions of Dollars in Tax Revenue in Texas

Genesis 1: 11-12 Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

Apart from being a plant that is approved by God, the medical and recreational use of marijuana in Texas has the potential to generate hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars in tax revenue which can be used to improve infrastructure, build hospitals, increase salaries to government workers which include police officers, teachers, postal office workers and more.

The current prohibition on marijuana is not helping the Texas economy because people who are caught with marijuana are regarded as criminals and lead to crime increase like how the prohibition of alcohol in the 1900s increased crime and hurt the U.S. economy because of the illegal consumption and selling of alcohol.


9. Legalize Marijuana: Fight crime, not Cannabis

1. Prohibition has enormous social costs.
2. The benefits of criminalization are minuscule to nonexistent.
3. Prohibition is racist.
4. Cannabis has legitimate medical effects.
5. Legalization won’t lead to increased use.
6. Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

10. Decriminalize cannabis in Texas

In Texas we have not even decriminalized cannabis, yet other states have it decriminalized, for medical and recreational use, so anyone can go to those states and buy cannabis and smoke it.

But yet in Texas the state is wasting so much tax payers' money to stop people smoking pot. There are medical patients that could use cannabis for pain treatment here in Texas but they can't.

So please help out and sign this petition!


11. Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana

Pennsylvania is in desperate need of a change.

We need jobs, and most importantly, a new sustainable revenue source. What if there was a way to create hundreds of jobs, explode the housing market, and create 100 million dollars per year in new tax revenue, without costing taxpayers a dime. The answer is quite simple, legalize marijuana.

Instead of waiting, and being the least progressive state in the country.. Let us get on board a booming industry in its growth stage. How about Pennsylvania becomes "One of the first," instead of "One of the last."

"We the people," need to let our voices be heard.

12. Stop The City of Black Diamond from Eliminating Lady Buds

Lady Buds is a secure members only organization dedicated to holistic healing and compassion and helping people live better more fulfilling lives through adult responsible and legally medially authorized use of medical marijuana.

Lady Buds does not buy or sell marijuana. Lady Buds facilitates an exchange among legally authorized medical patients who, under state law, are allowed to assist other legally authorized medical patients in the growing, processing, transportation, and delivery of medical marijuana.

The City of Black Diamond licensed Lady Buds in August 2012; the City renewed Lady Buds' license for the year 2013. Lady Buds has operated in Black Diamond for more than 1 year without generating a single complaint. Lady Buds is 100% compliant with State Law and local ordinance.

Even though Lady Buds is a law abiding facility which provides a valuable service to medical patients in Black Diamond, certain people in the Black Diamond City Government are exercising their profession al bias and prejudice and are trying to force Lady Buds out of business.

13. Legalize Marijuana in Georgia

Whereas marijuana is a plant, created by God and owned by no one; and whereas the state of Georgia, at the urging of the United States federal government, has waged war on peaceful citizens for no reason other than because they consume a plant that was created by God (and owned by no one):

We call upon the State Representatives, Senate and the Governor of the State of Georgia to legalize the production and possession of marijuana by all adult citizens of this great state.

14. Legalize the most useful plant on the planet

A few decades ago, the most useful plant on the planet was criminalized with absolutely no evidence to back up the reasoning for it to be criminalized.

This plant absorbs carbon dioxide while it grows; reducing the carbon footprint that we-as humans-leave for the future generations. This plant also absorbs harmful radiation.

This plant can be used to make paper, fabrics, building supplies, plastics, fuel, and many other things that are useful to mankind and is a renewable resource. This plant is also the most nutritious food source available. The human body maintains a balance of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids at a ratio of 1:1:2 to function properly. This plant is the only plant in existence that maintains that ratio and is also a great source of fiber.

Within this plant there are compounds very similar to the ones found in breast milk that aid in proper brain and social development in children. The compounds in this plant have been proven to prevent cancer when ingested and to cure cancer when these compounds are concentrated and ingested in high volumes.

There has never been a death or instance of overdose documented in association with this plant or any concentrate derived from this plant.

15. Legalize marijuana in Nepal

Marijuana (Cannabis) has been banned for a long time in our country. Without knowing no absolute effects about it, the politicians have banned marijuana an with the help of corrupted police have made it unchangeable.

However, until now, no bad effects of marijuana have been found or known anywhere in the globe. Even Unite States of America [U.S.A.] have legalized marijuana in two of it's states i.e. Colorado an Washington, and many states revolting for it's legalization.

The latest and recent scientific researches have found that Marijuana has the ability to cure cancer. Marijuana if legalized can help people addicting to drugs to back down and can improve a country's economy. Also the cutting own of trees or deforestation can be degraded as hemp a type of cannabis can be used for making paper, furniture an other unknown public an medical uses.

With such high functions of its own, Marijuana still is legalized. With many countries making their step to legalize marijuana I have taken a step too by signing this petition, an effort to legalize Marijuana, which was legal around 30 years ago in our country.

See story here:

16. How High 2

I have asked this question on Facebook and other social sites about the making of How High 2, and alot of people would love to see it. On Metacritic it recieved 8.4 out of 10 and on Amazon 4 out of 5 stars.

The only thing holding up the making of the movie is Universal Pictures owns the rights, if you guys dont want to take part in the making of the movie then at least release the rights so the movie can be filmed.

People at TMZ have asked about this also, also recieved 4.8 out of 5 stars.

17. Legalize medical marijuana for chronic renal failure and other conditions

Medical marijuana helps with the pain and makes individuals gain weight who have chronic renal failure (due to losing weight).

18. Legalize Marijuana in Nepal

Marijuana (Cannabis) has been banned for a long time in our country. Without knowing no absolute effects about it, the politicians have banned marijuana an with the help of corrupted police have made it unchangeable.

However, until now, no bad effects of marijuana have been found or known anywhere in the globe. Even Unite States of America [U.S.A.] have legalized marijuana in two of it's states i.e. Colorado an Washington, and many states revolting for it's legalization.

The latest and recent scientific researches have found that Marijuana has the ability to cure cancer. Marijuana if legalized can help people addicting to drugs to back down and can improve a country's economy. Also the cutting own of trees or deforestation can be degraded as hemp a type of cannabis can be used for making paper, furniture an other unknown public an medical uses.

With such high functions of its own, Marijuana still is legalized. With many countries making their step to legalize marijuana I have taken a step too by signing this petition, an effort to legalize Marijuana, which was legal around 30 years ago in our country.

19. Legalise Nature, Legalise Marijuana

Marijuana has so much potential for saving lives so i dont see why it is illegal... even if it becomes legal "medicinally" that wont help because it wont be able to evolve in a way that people find to help them the most.

20. Ban Synthetic Cannabis

At present synthetic cannabis also known as "herbal incense" is being sold over the counter by at least 5 shops here in Bendigo and also being delivered after hours by another service.

This drug/poison is 10 times stronger than THC and carries with it a much higher risk of physical and mental damage to the user, yet is legally being sold to kids as young as 15.

21. Legalize Cannabis in Ireland

Cannabis has been on this earth for over 1000's of years and not one single death has ever been contributed to cannabis directly! How come we are told its a dangerous ''Drug''? This is far from the truth!

Cannabis is a plant with very high medicinal purposes which has been scientifically proven numerous time to help in the reduction of pain in ailments such as AIDS, GLAUCOMA, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, CANCER, ADHD. There are numerous other examples.

If cannabis is legalized it would also generate HUGE TAX which could be put to reducing our national debt, improving our health care system, improving our schools, increased tourism to our once great nation. It would also reduce government spending on policing our current anti-cannabis policy. 6 in 10 drug related arrests in Ireland are for cannabis? Could these resources not be put to better use?

The establishment of a legal cannabis system would create massive employment particularly in the farming sector which is already in need of a massive boost.

Cannabis could also be used to produce cleaner energy and reduce greenhouse levels which are at an all time high of 400ppm (parts per million).

22. Support the legalization of marijuana in Croatia

Cannabis in its natural form is probably the safest therapeutically active substance ever known.

23. Legalize Marijuana In Kansas City, Kansas

Medical Marijuana Has Many Benefits That Many people could use in this city. I've done My research and the benefits far exceed the risk. More People die every day from pill over doses that are prescribed by OUR doctors then Marijuana.

Some of the Benefits of medical Marijuana are as followed: Marijuana can be used to prevent blindness from glaucoma, Its better For your lungs then tobacco, It controls Epileptic Seizures, Cannabidiol A chemical in Marijuana Stops Cancer From Spreading, THC slows the progression of Alzheimer, The drug eases the pain of Multiple Sclerosis, It lessens side-effects from treating hepatitis C, Marijuana treats inflammatory bowel diseases, It relieves arthritis discomfort. Many of these are treated by pills prescribed by doctors.

Who wants to eat pills all day long when all you need is a little medical marijuana to make the pain lessen or go away.

24. Legalize Marijuana Canada

We need to legalize Marijuana at the federal level.

Several polls since 2003 have found that a majority of Canadians agreed with the statement, "The use of marijuana should be legalized", including one in 2009 done by Angus Reid, with 53% for legalization.

The latest being in 2012 by Forum Research Inc. which suggested "66% of Canadians are in favour of the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, with just 20% supporting leaving the laws as they are now."

25. Making spice (synthetic marijuana) Illegal

Getting Spice (synthetic marijuana) Banned is important to me because I've heard about so many young kids die from it, and a lot of teens now are buying it because its legal. It might be legal, but it is not safe at all.

It isn't a natural plant like regular marijuana is so it hurts your body, and basically breaks down your insides. Someone I love and care about a lot is actually addicted to it, but it was hard for him to find a rehab because doctors say that there is little research about it.

If there is little research about it then it shouldn't be sold ! It should be banned because it is killing people and someone needs to stop it.

26. Legalization of Cannabis in the West Midlands

We are a group from the West Midlands and we want to make a change for good.

We require 50k or 100k signatures before we make an appeal to the Local Government.

Show your support!

27. Free smokers of a God given plant but punish perverts



28. Support the Legalisation of Marijuana

Would you support the legalisation of Marijuana?

I'm looking to get feedback from people if they support the legalisation of Marijuana.

29. Legalise Personal Use of Cannabis

Many Pros and Cons surround this argument about the legalisation of this drug, the Pros however heavily out weigh the Cons.

1) The chance to tax it

Roughly around 10 million people smoke cannabis in the UK, meaning a standard 20% tax on 10 million people smoking an average of 1 joint a day, would net the country an extra £2 billion.

2) Our overcrowded prisons

A high percentage of our prison space is occupied by cannabis related sentaces, people being locked up for either growing, distributing or smoking a plant, sound sensible?

3) Have certified smoking areas

Smokers realise not everyone enjoys it, so having laws and areas for the controlled recreational use of it so as to not bother those not wanting to be bothered.

Finally, we're proving that even though laws are in place, we are still doing it and your not stopping us, not meaning to sound rude, but why not make some money out of something that's happening and going to happen forever?

30. Legalize and Tax Marijuana in Canada

Marijuana has been proven many times of its medicinal purposes and I believe it's time for the people of Canada to stand up to the government and finally legalize this medicine that is throwing so many people in jail when we could be fighting real crimes.