Department of Education

We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, respectfully request the addition of a practical exam be administered to all red seal certification exams.

This exam is currently 100% written and does not reflect the TRUE experience level of the apprentice.

Therefore, your petitioners request that the Department of Education reviews, approves, and implements a practical exam that provides the following:

1) That is administered at the same college that provides the course training for the applicable red seal certification.

2) That is offering a mark of at least 30% of the grade needed to satisfy the red seal certification process. The written red seal exam can offer the balance, 70%.

3) That be constructed so that the student must complete this test as a final course/credit in school before taking the red seal exam. This should quell all concerns for the financial burden of this proposal.

This new process will allow the student to prove their skills on a practical level, and give them an additional score to couple with the written competency exam given by the government of Canada.

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