South Australian Parliament's Legislative Council passed a motion on 25 March 2009 recognizing the so-called “Armenian Genocide” as “one of the greatest crimes against humanity”.

The motion, which is based on groundless and debatable Armenian allegations, while condemning the events of 1915 as “the genocide of the Armenians” also calls on the Australian federal parliament “to officially condemn the genocide of the Armenians”.

We, the undersigned, declare that by passing such a motion the South Australian Parliament’s Legislative Council has been an instrument to the efforts of those who try to make use of distorted historical events for their political ambitions to the detriment of the multiethnic and multicultural harmony in our country, Australia.

We, the undersigned, also state that adjudging on a nation’s history through one-sided and defamatory allegations is none of a foreign state’s parliament’s business.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, request that the South Australian Parliament’s Legislative Council:

retract this ill-judged and unjustified motion at once,

apologize in the public forum to the Turkish community for offending respectful members of the multicultural Australian nation,

pass a new motion commending the achievements of the Turkish community contributing enthusiastically to the daily and economic life in Australia,

apologize in the public forum to the Turkish authorities for impudently jeopardizing the excellent relations between Turkey and Australia the special and inspiring spirit of which emanates from the battlefields of Gallipoli.

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