City of Tulsa
United States of America

Should the community pay for the financial mistakes of the City of Tulsa? NO!!! The City of Tulsa mismanaged its money and created an $11,000,000 shortfall...
Their solution is: Fee increases, as proposed by the Park and Recreation Department and approved by the Mayor and Park Board, for Tulsa Park Facilities including outside sports facilities, sports equipment, pools, shelters, open space, special events, community center room rentals and Special Park Facilities including the Zoo & Oxley Nature Center.

Permits for professional photographers to shoot at parks will increase $125...
NOTE: Incomprehensibly, Fees at Mohawk and Page Belcher Golf courses will be reduced.

SPECIAL NOTE: Deficit reduction should be done by cuts in spending not higher fees!

We the undersigned petition are firmly against any fee increases at Tulsa Park Facilities !

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