Secretary-General of the United Nations

The 2009 Iranian presidential election was held on 12 June 2009 in Iran, the tenth presidential election to be held in the country. The incumbent was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Iranian reform movement attempted to unite behind former Prime Minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi. The turnout was very high with around 85 percent of the electorate voting. Unofficial results from within the interim ministry report Mousavi the absolute winner with 54% of the votes with Mehdi Karoubi and Ahmadinejad with 31% and 13% ranked after Mousavi.

In total denial of Iranian people's choice, the Islamic Republic's officials announced Ahmadinejad to be the winner and Iranians are repressed by military forces.

We Iranian people and supporters of democracy and freedom across the world request united nations to condemn the current coup d'état, support Iranians in their efforts for a fair election and restrain from accepting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the next president of Iran.

We ask the world leaders to insist on security of the opposition leaders--president elect Mir Hossein Mousavi, former presidents Mohammad Khatami and Akbar Rafsanjani and the former speaker of the Parliament Mehdi Karoubi.

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