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Petition to protect the rare inner city agricultural lands on the Western side of Vermont Road, Mowbray, Launceston, on the banks of the North Esk River. This land is known as 'Vermont'. These lands have a history dating back to the early days of Launceston (1819) and were once owned and overseen by Tasmania's first distinguished Botanist, Robert William Lawrence, first son of the famous Tasmanian colonist William Effingham Lawrence.

Historically significant happenings include: Aboriginal Hunting Grounds, major conflict between Aboriginals and Early Settlers, Bush Rangers making several appearances in the area and on the property, and the use of Convict labor on the land(s) from 1819 until 1856. The land was the used for several early farm machinery tests and also for the first meet of the Launceston Gun Club in the mid 1870's. Items dug up from the near by 2nd original homestead of 'Vermont' (1870) include coins dating back to the late 1700's, pieces of a dueling pistol, clay bottles and pipes and several broad arrow marked Convict bricks.

On the Western side of the road there lies a creek bed where, it is said, stone was cut by Convict labor to built a wall and dairy at 'Vermont' which is still standing. Convicts were also used to drain the river flats by the North Esk River due to regular flooding and for other general agricultural purposes including 'barking'. The lower river flats have now regressed back into their natural state holding a large variety of bird, plant and frog species and house a rare bio-diverse area in that of which the Green and Gold frog lives.

These privately owned lands could be due for subdivision in coming months/years. There is also a proposed 'Eastern By-pass' for heavy vehicles that will run right through the land, which will disturb residents in many ways on the Vermont Road as well as Bill Grove. The by-pass will have a detrimental effect upon the rural outlook of the area as well as its long standing history and cultural values. We must see this last piece of beautiful rural scenery not be built upon by modern housing estates or highways as the effect would be disastrous. This land still retains rural features of its earliest known land grant of 1819 and is most probably the last in Launceston to still be in such an original condition, partially bounded by original Hawthorn Hedging to the South and West. Near to said lands there is a cottage which was erected in the mid 1820's named 'Braemar', an early neighboring farm to 'Vermont' owned by John and James Lamont.

Please view the image taken by Monissa Whitely showing the land on the Western side of Vermont Road with the river flats in the background. Do we really want to see this lost for good? Do we really want to see the historic homestead of 'Vermont' boxed in by development when it is already boxed in enough?

If you care about Tasmania's historic agricultural landscapes and buildings, sign this petition today!

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We, the undersigned, call upon the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, the Hon Nick McKim MP, The Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, the Hon Brian Wightman MP, the Launceston City Council and the Tasmanian Heritage Council to review this petition in order to establish a plan for the protection and preservation of these historically, culturally and environmentally significant land(s) for future generations to learn about, share. admire and enjoy.

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