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As seen on BBC Two programme 'The Paedophile Hunters' (Sunday 30 January 2011, 10pm) the UK has no legislation for investigating paedophiles overseas.

Many perverted people travel to less developed countries like Cambodia, as featured in the documentary, to groom children as young as 4 and to sexually abuse them.

The United States and most recently Australia have produced legislation to help protect these children.

We as yet do not have any similar agency in the UK to search for these people, gather evidence and bring them to trial in the UK.

This is something that should be changed and by signing this petition we hope to lobby the UK government to create a law to protect children from British citizens who travel overseas to abuse children.

We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister to consider the implementing legislation to protect children overseas. We request that the Prime Minister look into ways of tracking British paedophiles who are sex tourists overseas.

As highlighted on the BBC Two programme ‘The Paedophile Hunters’ (Sunday 30 January 2011 10pm) shows how foreigners, such as British citizens, travelled to Cambodia to engage in grooming and sexual exploitation of minors. This is a wide ranging problem and we would like the Prime Minister to enact legislation which would include British agents travelling to overseas locations to gather evidence to convict British citizens on extradition to the United Kingdom.

This new law would set up an agency to investigate paedophiles overseas and to bring them to justice in the United Kingdom. Agents would work on the ground with local people through the British High Commissions and Embassies overseas.

Many children each year are abused by perverted people who do not consider the feelings of the children they abuse. We call upon the Prime Minister to work on legislation to protect the most vulnerable people in the developing world.

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