#Children's Rights
President George Bush

To protect our children from sexual predators!

Dear President Bush,

Children across the Globe are being placed into the hands of pedophiles. We are aware you do not have the jurisdiction to save the children across the Globe. You DO have the ability to protect the children throughout the United States.

Megan's Law is not being properly enforced and the rules are too weak. Pedophiles should not have the right to live around the corner from a day care center, to have access to pornography online, to use our local swimming pools, and to have the rights that mentally healthy people have!

Pedophiles are mentally ill and do not belong in society! It has been proven that Megan's Law does not protect our children it is merely a stepping-stone for something more drastic to take place. Sex offenders escape registering. Pedophiles do not fear their punishment because our judicial system has allowed them to escape their conviction with a plea bargain. We are starting this petition to remind you that all of our children are at risk.

Our next generation will not be a healthy one if something is not done to improve this matter now. This needs to be a priority in our financial budget. When 9/11 happened our country scraped change from the change jars across the USA to fund Operation Iraqi Freedom. Meanwhile, our children are in the hands of over 400,000 pedophiles that are registered across the USA, which does NOT include the ones that are not registered.73 percent of prostitutes were sexually abused before the age of 16, 83 percent of convicted killers (men and women) were physically and emotionally abused as children, and 32.2 percent were sexually abused, 60 percent of teenage mothers were sexually abused as children,and 73 percent of female runaways are sexually abused. Child Sexual Abuse is everyone's problem. Survivors of CSA are vastly over represented among certain populations affecting all those around them, our society as a whole, and the cost to our systems (billions each year).We are asking you to impose a stronger punishment. Prohibit plea bargains!

We demand harsher punishments. Pedophiles should receive a life sentence of probation. They should have to report monthly with personal information in order to live in our society. Pedophiles should not have the right to have their own children! Pedophiles need to be branded in our society to ensure our children's safety. Any jobs involving contact with children should not be allowed including something as small as an Ice Cream Man position.

If you care about our children and your own MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

On behalf of our babies.

We, the undersigned, petition for stronger laws and better law enforcement to protect our children from sexual predators! We agree with the open letter to President Bush abovementioned.

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