Cumbrian people and users of advocacy services throughout the UK.
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Please sign this petition. The most vulnerable people in our society are at risk of losing their "voice" - our older adults like grandpas and nanas, people who may no longer be able to think or communicate as clearly as they used to - do you know anybody who has a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, who has had a stroke or a brain injury? - people of all ages who were born with a learning difficulty or have a physical disability.

With all the radical cuts to services for vulnerable adults and children, it is now more important than ever that they have access to good advocacy to help them speak up for themselves.

The new service outline is a financial cut of over 50% to current advocacy provision within county.

At a time when Cumbria County Council is undertaking an unprecedented upheaval of its social care system, services such as advocacy are more important than ever in ensuring that the rights of some of the most vulnerable people using Council services are protected, and that in the middle of changes to social care provision and social care providers, that people do not fall through gaps.

We would expect that County Council continues its remit to protecting the most vulnerable users of its services.

Please help by signing this petition. Thank you.

By signing this petition, we are calling on Cumbria County Council to review the level of financial cuts to Advocacy Services in Cumbria, in line with the council’s three main priorities:

• Challenging poverty in all its forms;

• Ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our communities receive the support they need;

• Improving the changes in life of the most disadvantaged in Cumbria.

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