The Government of Canada

Demand that the Canadian government protect Michif, the language of the historic Metis people of Canada, and other endangered native languages in Canada. The Metis were historically the children of French fur trappers and Cree native women, they developed their own unique culture and language that was a hybrid of French and Cree.

In modern day Canada Metis is also defined by being of mixed European and Aboriginal ancestory. There is a desperately strong need for more resources for people who wish to learn Michif, such as teachers, courses, classes, Resource Centres, books, magazines, websites & audio files such as CD's and MP3 files. Very tragically, this language is so endangered that only an estimated 500 people speak it.

The language Michif and other native languages are in serious threat of extinction due to horrible moves by the Canadian Government including Residential Schools.

The Metis were a valuable culture in Canadian history must be protected!

Demand that The Government of Canada make more resources available to protect the language of the Metis people, Michif.

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