Secretary of Defense
United States of America

22 April 2020, PFC Vanessa Guillen was unaccounted for and her personal effects found in the armory where she worked at FT Hood. Her leadership falsely reported that she was accounted for. The leadership and Military law enforcement started searching for her 60 days after and only at the insistence of her family who reported that she had complained about being sexually harassed by a supervisor. While searching for her, the remains of PFC Morales were discovered. He went missing August 2019 and was declared a deserter. From March 2020, 4 Soldiers disappeared from FT Hood. Several other Service members have met the same fate over the years at different installations. When sensitive items are missing, the entire installation is locked down while a search is conducted and nobody is allowed to enter or leave the installation. Service Members well being should be addressed with the same urgency.

We the undersigned, call on the Department of Defense to make it mandatory Commands to report Service Members who are unaccounted for to miliary law enforcement within 4 hours and Federal law enforcement agencies with 24 hrs. In addition, we call on the Department of Defense to make it mandatory to place a military installation where a Service Member is reported to be unaccounted for at FPCON D (Force Protection Delta), immediately following the report.

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