Norwich City Council
United Kingdom

Norwich South parliamentary candidate Antony Little has called for action to save our City's grass verges!

Responding to the concerns of hundreds of residents regarding the state of Norwich's green verges, Antony has launched a campaign to see them cleaned up, protected and most importantly, green.

Commenting, Antony said: "I have launched this campaign regarding the state of our green verges because it has been an issue that has arisen often on the doorstep. I hope I can have the support of residents in pushing the council to seek solutions to this, such as installing wooden posts and more trees to stop cars driving onto the verges in the first place."

"We are lucky to have a very beautiful City where many residents take a great deal of care and pride over the appearance of Norwich. By protecting our grass verges and ensuring that they don't become tyre track covered mud pits, we can create a more pleasant environment for all."

"I encourage residents of all political leanings to sign up and save our grass verges!"

We, the undersigned residents of Norwich, call on the City Council to take steps to protect our grass verges. This could include solutions such as installing wooden posts and planting more trees.

This issue is caused primarily due to a lack of adequate parking in some residential areas which is a problem that needs to be addressed at the same time.

That way, cars won't have to drive on to the verges in the first place. Our City is beautiful, we encourage the council to do everything it can to keep it that way.

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