Tom Hicks & George Gillet

Liverpool Football Club is one of the best and most well known football clubs in
English and World Club football. In the space of a few months we have been
turned into a laughing stock by Messers Hicks and Gillet.

They have not invested into the club as promised.
They have not committed to a new stadium as promised
They have completely undermined the club manager Rafa Benitez
They have not supplied much needed funds for transfers.
They are on the verge of landing LFC with massive debt.

In short we need DIC to come back in with a firm offer backed by the many
thousands of LFC fans and purchase Liverpool FC from the Americans before
they well and truly destroy our club.

Anfield can hold a total of 45,362 supporters.
The target of this petition is to achieve this figure.
Surley we can get one stadium of support?
We need your help.

We, the undersigned fans of Liverpool Football Club, would like to advise Club
owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet that we no longer require their presence at
Liverpool now or in the future.

We would like to request therefore that DIC make a realistic offer to the owners
and that the club be sold to DIC as soon as possible.

Tom Hicks & George Gillet you have severely underestimated the fan power at
Liverpool FC and this will be shown at each home game until you bow out of the

To all fans attending home games Please make banners or do what ever you
can so show your disgust against the current club owners.

Please sign this and make every fan aware so we can come together now more
than ever for our club.

You'll Never Walk Alone.

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