-There is currently an area located in the north west corner of Gull lake less than a mile from the water on Arnold Street (south of #12) where a gravel pit is being prepared to be developed, owned by a private company.

- This area is approx 40feet below the surface of Gull lake.

- Gull Lake water is retained by a sensitive clay bottom. The lake purges out through the underlying sentiment though this NW corner as per Hay report completed in the 1990's.
Gull Lake report http://mspace.lib.umanitoba.ca/handle/1993/22939

- Digging in this particular area could potentially be very hazardous to the Gull Lake purge rate if not potentially drain the lake completely.

- Gull Lake current purge rate is 6 years. This means that after a period 6 years every drop of water in Gull Lake is brand new (including evaporation). If this clay bottom is disrupted, think how quickly this rate could be affected?

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Manitoba to stop this gravel pit development until government can come to a decision based on evidence provided, and OR a COMPLETE environmental impact study has been completed to further investigate the environmental risk to Gull Lake Manitoba.

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