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Please support our effort to Protect and Preserve historical buildings in Downtown Lafayette.

We are primarily concerned with saving 2 buildings, both of which are at or over 100 years of age. These buildings had a tremendous impact on the early economic growth of Downtown Lafayette, the City of Lafayette, Lafayette Parish and much of Acadiana! The wealth created by Merchants' Grocer Company enabled owners and investors to promote and develop our communities, municipalities and infrastructure at an accelerated rate. Bolstered by the recently constructed rail road in downtown this resulted in the early development of our city giving our city and parish a strategic advantage that has continued to pay dividends over the last 100+ years.

There are many reasons to save these buildings and no good reason to tear them down. They are NOT blocking construction of the proposed interchange and there is plenty of room on either side that can be used to insure construction in those areas does not damage the integrity of these magnificent buildings.

Use this link to view the LA State Historical Preservation Office's letter from the Lt. Governor's office ruling that the 2 buildings are eligible for the National Historic Register.


Thank you for your support!

I support the preservation of the Merchants' Grocer Company historic buildings. Every effort should be made during the 106 Federal & State highway process to modify the existing preliminary interchange design so these buildings can serve the public good and downtown lafayette.

If these buildings are destroyed I will expect DOTD to mitigate the damage by making financial reparations equivalent or exceeding the historical and gateway beautification value plus the price per square foot paid to acquire the buildings from Coburn's.

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