#Human Rights
Sultan Qaboos

The Omani government does not recognize the human rights of the foreign aliens in this country.

Children of Omani fathers automatically acquire Omani citizenship at birth and must enter and leave the country on Omani passports. Omani authorities usually confiscate the U.S. passports of U.S./Omani dual nationals. This does not constitute loss of citizenship by U.S. standards, but should be reported to the U.S. Embassy in Muscat. Child custody decisions are based on Islamic law. It is difficult for an American woman, even a Muslim, to obtain custody of her children through the Omani courts.

The Sultan and the Govt. of Oman should take this issue seriously as more and more omanis get educated - the donkey's days law will have to go away.

The People who are born and lived in Oman for over 100 years have not been given their citizenship or naturelization due to the law of the country.

We, the undersigned, believe that expatriates in Oman should readily get citizenshipin this country.

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