#Children's Rights
Law Enforcement & DYFS
United States of America

A month ago my Niece Brooke committed suicide at the young age of 14 years old. She has had a very difficult life & many struggles that a child or anyone should have to face, for that matter. Her growing years have been a tough ride on a very rocky road & when law enforcement & DYFS have been contacted a large number of times, nothing or no one stepped in to properly handle this matter. As her family, my Mother & I tried everything in our power to protect her & show her a normal life, but that was always short lived & then we were cut off from her life numerous times & unable to have any contact with her. There were so many signs in this child's life that she was in a tough situation, yet whenever authorities were involved, she was left without a voice & nothing done to help her. At the end of her life, she must of felt so alone & desperate to the point of suicide. She saw no way out. The system had continually failed this child! And I would not want to see this happen to someone else. To me & those who knew her, she was a bright, beautiful soul who was very loved. Will always be loved. Children have rights & adults should really listen when they speak truth. If authorities & DYFS are contacted constantly, THERE MUST BE AN ISSUE! Dig deeper authorities & get down to the root of the problem!!

We, the people, want to see change in the system between law enforcement & DYFS. Children need protection & to be heard without fear & any consequences.
Protect our children!

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