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We want Westminster Council to prohibit traffic from *Winnett street and old Compton Street* during weekday evenings (and perhaps all day at weekends.)

The problem: these streets are a busy part of an area popular with both tourists and locals. The streets are relatively narrow, with narrow pavements, but are used by a significant volume of traffic, (including some unsuitably large vehicles); much of this traffic is using them as a short cut to avoid Shaftesbury Avenue or Charing Cross Road.

Pedestrian traffic is high and the narrow pavements mean that people frequently have to walk in the road. This, combined with the large number of side streets to be crossed, results in a high likelihood of accidents.

If traffic is prohibited as we suggest above, the area will be more pleasant and safer for pedestrians, which will encourage custom for the local shops, bars and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants could also be allowed to create seating or standing areas which extend into the road. Access for deliveries would still be possible during the earlier part of the day.

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