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This is a petition to ban all size 0 models and also models with an unhealthy BMI (below 18.5) within Australia from the fashion catwalks and magazines.

We live in the 21st century where we are able to travel to space! It only makes sense that we do not take a 'one-size fits all’ image approach when it comes to our appearance and body image. Out of the worlds 7.017 billion population no two people are identical. Therefore why should we as both men and woman be exposed to an extremely influential fashion industry that tells us as that 'this' (size 0, which is an Australian size 4!) is what we need to look like to achieve 'that look' which is defined as so called 'beauty'.

Why should curvier women feel intimidated by these designers and this industry? We shouldn't! We are all different shapes & sizes, and if you believe that the fashion industry should portray a realistic body image of the Australian woman instead of underweight models that pursue us into believing that the size 0 image is how we need to look to achieve beauty than please sign this petition so that the Australian Government can ban these models and their associated health risks such as anorexia and bullemia.

Anorexia is most prevalent in adolescent girls who idolise these stick thin models that are flaunted to us in almost every magazine and fashion catwalk. Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents. 40-60% of high school girls are on a diet, 50% of girls between the ages of 13 – 15 years old believe they are overweight and 80% of 13 year old girls admit to dieting. Almost 50% of suffers with anorexia also suffer from severe depression. This is a vicious cycle that is not only physically unhealthy, but it is mentally exhausting. This petition is going to be presented to local media, national media and eventually the Australian Parliament and government to demand a policy be put in place that bans these underweight models, and also ensures that as a legal procedure all models need to have a full health check before undertaking any modelling assignment.

If you believe that change is due and wish the help prove that we as Australians embrace the ‘real’ and healthy woman than please sign this petition.

2. Stop Pro Anorexia Web Sites

These Web sites promote self harming and deadly behaviour and make it seem as if having anorexia is a gift. You don't see any one creating web sites like " Yay , Let's get cancer!". These Websites have pictures of anorexic girls with huge writing saying discusting things like " Anorexic Queen" and "Never too thin". These Websites basically promote people killing themselves. Not only to these sites have gross pictures they have dieting tips and ways to hide food from your parents. We say, STOP THIS !!!

3. Anorexia on TV Shows should be portrayed correctly

I'm really tired of seeing episodes of my favorite TV shows that make a character become anorexic for a few days, have them talk to their family/friends, and then have them be normal again. The shows don't even portray Ana correctly. I've been anorexic for 2 years and it's NOTHING like how they make it look on TV.

4. Pro-Acceptance of Anorexics on the Web

Online censorship has reached new heights in this day and age, when Mothers Against Everything Under the Sun rule, and the massive witch-hunt of pro-anorexia sites that has been recently sweeping the web is an almost inevitable result of a society that bows down to them. As a result of overprotective parents and overly zealous webhosts who are eager to cater to their wishes, hundreds of sites have been shut down in one of the largest sweeps of censorship in the history of the web. Many of these allegedly "pro-ana" sites are actually pro-support, and their refusal to actively bash anorexics who are unwilling to recover has earned them hate mail and censorship by their free webhosts. Just having the word "anorexic" in a sentence, not followed by "recovery", is practically enough to get a site banned by free webhosts such as Angelfire and Yahoo. With such poor judgment in evaluating which sites are harmful and which are not, is it any surprise that this petition had to be written?