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PRINCE William has reportedly bought a special birthday gift for his younger brother Harry - hundreds of birds for the pair to shoot on a future hunt.

However, Harry, who turned 27 this week, is planning a weekend of partying in London to celebrate, British newspaper The Sun reports, meaning the royal duo will most likely postpone their shoot to a later date.

William is said to have ordered 250 pheasant, duck and partridge at a cost of some £10,000 ($15,252), to be delivered to the Queen's Sandringham Estate.

"Harry is an exceptional marksman and both brothers love to shoot. William organised this as something they can share," a pal told The Sun.

We, the undersigned, call on Your Royal Highnesses to not hunt/shoot live targets for recreation/sport.
Birthdays, although a just cause for celebration, do not justify causing & celebrating the funerals of others.
Nor any day, would justify willfully killing or bringing harm upon innocent, sentient beings for mere amusement.

We appeal to your better nature, the following:
Hunting is wrongful towards taxpayers.
Hunting is morally objectionable.

It is our request that you kindly rethink the images you portray, & what sort of examples you are setting.

The Late Princess Diana is still admired for her values of compassion & thoughtfulness. We would love for them to be continued as tradition in the same manner.

The Signees

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