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On September 09th 1988 , Prince broadcasted a performance from his LoveSexy Tour live via satellite across Europe, later releasing it on home video.
It was televised (with a short delay for editorial purposes) on several European channels, with the broadcast containing various alternate camera shots in place of the ones used in the officially released video, which was released a year later in 1989.

Prince performed 7 Times in Westafallenhallen in Dortmund,Germany
1 June 1987 (SOTT Tour)
2 June 1987 (SOTT Tour)
8 September 1988 (loveSexy Tour)
9 September 1988 (LoveSexy Tour)
13 June 1990 (Nude Tour)
6 August 1990 (Nude Tour)
30 May, 1992 (Diamonds and Pearls Tour )

This year 2018 also marks the 30th Anniversary of the release of his 10th
album on May 10th 1988. 13 months after his previous album Sign O' The Times. Lovesexy received mixed reviews; it was issued as a substitute record after the last minute cancellation of the infamous The Black Album.
LoveSexy is designed to be heard in the context of a continuous sequence which was recorded in just 7 weeks, from mid-December 1987 to late January 1988.
The album produced three commercially-released singles, "Alphabet St." (which preceded the album), "Glam Slam" and "I Wish U Heaven".
Prince supported the album with a major European, North American and Japanese tour, the Lovesexy Tour, which focused largely on the album
The album reached number 11 on the US Billboard Top Pop Albums Chart, and number 5 on the Billboard Top Black Albums Chart. It fared much better in Europe, reaching number 1 in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden. The album also did well in New Zealand, where it also reached number 1.

We, the Purple Army, as the legendary Artist would also refer to us as his "Family" deeply think today, Prince Rogers Nelson deserves a Star/Plate in Westfalenhallen (Halle 1) in Dortmund, Germany for his wonderful musical performances, artistic life-time achievement and long time humanitarianism around the world.

We would be greatful to see this ceremony happen during the week-end of September 8th 2018 or September 9 2018.

#Love4OneAnother #PeaceAndBeWild

If you recognize and support all the information notified in the preamble, please sign this petition showing that you agree and would like to see a Star/Plate installed in Westfalenhallen (Halle 1) in Dortmund, Germany to commemorate the Beautiful Art and Work of Prince Rogers Nelson during the week-end of September 8th 2018 or September 9th 2018.
Thank You

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