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Jdeideh Bauchrieh Sed Municipality

After the heartless shooting of a stray dog in the region of Jdeideh, that had recently given birth to a number of puppies (left afterwards freezing in the streets), by a police man of the Jdeideh Bauchrieh Sed municipality, we ask the municipalities and the relative authorities to take action against this kind of procedures in Lebanon.

The systematic killing of stray dogs is a barbaric and middle-aged act that doesn't represent or reflect the opinions and views of the people. This is unacceptable, especially given the recent decision made by the North Lebanon Governor, Juge Ramzi Nohra, after his meeting with BETA, following a similar case in Tripoli, to forbid the shooting of stray dogs for all the municipalities affiliated to the North Governarate.

We ask all municipalities in Lebanon to take the same step towards the respect of animals rights.

We call the authorities concerned by this issue to adopt civilized and modern methods in order to deal with stray animals. Environmental issues concerns us all and we choose to deal with it by adopting better solutions.

Compiling dog cadavers in the streets and abandoning homeless puppies, that will end up dying in the cold or reproducing in the case they survive, isn't a solution AT ALL. This isn't resolving the problem, and it's only allowing the use of unjustified violence against animals.

Please sign the petition so the concerned authorities take into consideration our voices and opinions. Don't forget to pass it by and share it !

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