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Bedok Maze is an iconic spot known internationally in the Parkour community. The spot consist of many brick walls, of knee or waist height, layed out over the wide area. The design and set-up makes it a great place to train Parkour, for both beginners or advanced practitioners alike. Many well-known practitioners throughout the world have raved about it. A recently published book called "The Parkour Roadmap" has even featured it.The demolition of Bedok Maze will be grieved by many, it being a historical landmark for Parkour.

What is Parkour?
Parkour is a training discipline using movements to get from one point to another, through a complex environment, in the most efficient manner possible. Movements include jumping, vaulting, climbing and rolling.
Parkour in Singapore (and the world) is still young and undergoing development. Amidst the negative connotations associated to Parkour, such as trespassing and vandalism of public property, the merits of Parkour do outweigh the negativity of it. The benefits are numerous, such as improvement in mental and physical wellbeing. It is an activity which is suitable for all ages, gender, class and race, which promotes social inclusion.

Parkour is getting recognized by government bodies, with UK officially recognizing it as a sports and over 100 Parkour parks built in Denmark. Parkour motto is "Be strong to be useful". The Parkour Singapore association has been recently created in Singapore improve the scene. We have been complying with the legislation in Singapore, which is well-known to be strict with its laws. The news of the demolition plans is of huge shock to us and however slim the chances may be, we are pleading for the town council to review its decision.

We, the undersigned, call on East Coast Fengshan Town Council to preserve the current landmark at 42 Bedok South Rd Singapore 460042.

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