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At this time all trophies and awards that had been on display in the Wilcox and Hildreth sites prior to our school merger have been removed from each site.

This was a decision made by the school board. The Alumni Association from each school is in possession of the trophies, awards, and memorabilia.

A committee of primarily alumni from each school has been organized to make a decision on possible reconsideration to display items of historical value from each school.

We, the undersigned, petition for the display of trophies and or awards, and school history from Hildreth Public Schools and Wilcox Public Schools at each new school site. Available room will not allow display for all awards but all district, conference, and state awards should be considered for display along with other significant awards or achievements of choice. A brief school history should be included.

Other pieces of interest may be considered such as a letter jacket, team uniform, game ball or photo.

The purpose of each display from Hildreth Public Schools and Wilcox Public Schools is to preserve the history from each of our schools to be enjoyed by alumni, the community, students, and visitors to our school.

This should be a source of tradition, spirit and pride from our past that is carried into the future for the Wilcox-Hildreth Falcons!

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