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Updated February 22, 2006

Preserve Our Heritage

The words [Under God] - there is a movement to have them removed from the pledge.

And [In God We Trust] - there is a movement to have them removed from our money. These words are part of our heritage.

These Movements are being lead by atheist Michael Newdow. The 9th Circuit court ruled that reciting of the pledge in public schools is unconstitutional.

Suit has been filed in 9TH Circuit Court Of Appeals to overturn that ruling. The Becket Fund will defend Under God.

Michael Newdow has filed suit to have the words In God We Trust remove from our money.

I have a petition to keep these words where they are.

The petition will be taken to the Senate and Congress and the Supreme Court.

Fellow Christians and Patriots let's join together and Preserve Our Heritage.

I can be reached at 814-767-9639 cell-301-707-8518
Email change5c@yahoo.com
Donations to support the petition may be sent to the address below.
God Bless.
Thank You

Church Of Change
Rev. Daniel Driver
790 Beans Cove Rd
Clearville Pa 15535

We, the undersigned, petition to keep [In God We Trust] on our money And to keep [Under God] in our pledge of allegiance.

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