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Mitchell Historic Properties, City of Galveston, Port of Galveston
United States of America

The waterfront of Galveston, Texas, adjacent to The Strand historic district, is a vanishing element of a city landscape that defined and shaped the historic character what was once one of America’s largest seaports and centers of immigration.

There is a natural beauty and attraction to the waterfront – people want to be near it. Many cities have developed their waterfront areas without a vision for their use as cultural facilities and open spaces. This should not be allowed to happen to the last open waterfront area in downtown Galveston.

We, the undersigned, petition Mitchell Historic Properties, the Port of Galveston, and the City of Galveston to preserve the open waterfront between Pier 19 and Pier 22, known as the “Window on the Waterfront,” by not erecting a multi-story parking structure on, or otherwise developing, the open areas between these piers. The remaining downtown waterfront should not be walled behind blocks of commercial buildings and parking structures.

The Window on the Waterfront provides the only green space near The Strand, is the only downtown waterfront area for community events and offers the only remaining unobstructed downtown waterfront view. We submit that there are numerous open tracts of land in and around The Strand suitable for infill development and parking structures. Any development along the Harborside Drive corridor adjacent to the The Strand should focus on tracts of land for which the waterfront is already obstructed or otherwise inaccessible, rather than eliminating these open, publicly accessible spaces.

We hope that the Window on the Waterfront green space would be preserved as a regional park and maintained for public use by residents and visitors.

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