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Our school system fails to provide the practical tools our children need to succeed. Studies show that despite better funding than other major countries, the United States falls behind in performance.

By signing the petition below, you will be sending a clear message to our government that you believe we need to improve the subject matter taught in our public high schools. For instance, many of the required classes found within the fields of Math and Science are only applicable to a few professions such as Engineering. Meanwhile, Sales and Customer Service are much more common professions and yet the subject is never taught. Other subject areas such as English and History sadly focus on memorizing instead of critical thinking. In English, classic works should be used as an elective similar to Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation, while the focus should be on improving the grammar and writing of our students. In History, the memorization of dates and names should not be as important as analyzing topics such as leadership and civil rights.

In addition, the recent stock market and housing bubbles demonstrate that individuals could use more information on these topics. These topics should be discussed in school.

Lastly, parents play a critical role in a student's success. A class that helps students better understand the parents' perspective will cause students to better appreciate the role their parents play.

Every public high school student shall be required to complete the following courses:

1) Sales & Customer Service: The professional art of working with people in business
2) Practical Math: understanding taxes, credit cards, compound interest, percentages, leases, and budgeting
3) Investments: stocks, bonds, and real estate
4) The Parents' Perspective on Family: marriage, divorce, raising children, and the expense of children

The above course will replace the following courses in the required curriculum:

1) Geometry
2) Algebra 2
3) British Literature
4) Chemistry

The courses that were replaced may be provided as electives.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Congress to change the required curriculum of all public high schools as stated above.

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