Mnt. Tabor Country Store
United States of America

June 5, 2006

This document is a ballet of request launched to the facility, managers, and employees of the Mnt. Tabor Country Store in the order of a delivery request.

The town of Danby and nearby Mnt tabor folks are looking for a delivery food service which in hopes you may provide. A 5-10 mile distant delivery radius would be manageable and generously welcomed into our small family base town. Residents who use this system would pay a fee of the stores decided charge of delivery and in general but this would make nothing more profit and sales towards this organization.

Not only is this for the residents who are able to walk or able to find transportation, this would be a great beneficial ordeal for elderly and as well as those who have troubles getting around or finding ways around.

We (the town) hope with this knowledge we can revolutionize the food system in this area and take the extra leap of accomplishment. We thank you for the time you have taken to read this.

Signing this you agree with the petition description above and wish for a service of food delivery provided by the Mount Tabor Store for a fee which they charge in delivery cost as well as purchase costs.

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