#Animal Rights
French Government

I am completely meat-free and I am very nearly vegan. I love France. However, I have to admit that one of the downsides of France is that, as a country, it does not hold a vegan friendly climate. There is a law now that requires all protein in school meals to be of animal origin. There has also been a crackdown on veganism since a child died due to being given a poor diet by their vegan parents. I would say that the child's death was more likely to have been the fault of the parents not providing the correct nutrition for them, not veganism in general. It is possible, I believe, to have a healthy vegan child. If this were a case of omnivores not providing the correct nutrition for their child and child dying and/or getting ill because of this, would the French Government start cracking down on the omnivore diet/omnivores in general?

We, the Undersigned, would like to ask that the French Government repeal the law concerning protein having to be of animal origin in schools. We also ask that they stop cracking down on veganism and vegetarianism, and that they implement laws and/or a campaign to stop the unjust bullying of vegans and vegetarians. We also ask that they require that healthy, nutritious vegan meals be provided in all schools, universities, colleges, hospitals and prisons across France.

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