Total Nonstop Action Wrestling President/Management

It recently came to my attention that Lauren Williams (Angelina Love, of Total Nonstop Action wrestling) had been terminated due to mishandling of her work Visa paperwork. She had been working illegally in the United States ever since she was released from the developmental contract in WWE a couple of years ago. This is all very well understood and has been taken into consideration in the drafting of this petition.

However, as one of thousands of fans of her work, I ask the general public (if not the world), wrestling fans and non fans alike, to come together and make your voices heard by signing this petition. If we can collect enough names, the TNA President and general management will be sure to realize that Angelina Love is a necessary staple in TNA's operation and a much beloved performer to people all over the world.

Perhaps the impact of this petition will encourage Total Nonstop Action wrestling management to pursue future negotiations with Lauren Williams once her work Visa issues have been sorted out.

We, the undersigned, request that TNA management take whatever measures are required to help rectify the contract of Angelina Love (Lauren Williams).

Her fan base and the collective viewership of TNA programming will sharply decline in her absence.

She is an integral component of TNA's burgeoning success and therefore, will benefit the company as a whole if/when she has been re-signed with a new contract.

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