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El Salvador

As an international consultant for entrepreneurial and social development, with more than 20 years of expertise; I had the opportunity to formulate for the European Commission (EC/UE), a innovative project to foster competitiveness of micro and small enterprises in El Salvador, which is now underway.

The UE spirit to finance that project is to support entrepreneurs to reach economic sustainability, prosperity, and a satisfactory life quality, in order to contribute for an integral development in our nation, that will lead us to a global market niche. And the ultimate goal of that visionary spirit is to build a world with equity and more opportunities to live.

A very important area of my expertise has been gained from international training and projects implementation; and one of the most important learnings I was in Taiwan, Republic of China; a nation with kind and laborious people, innovative mind, loyal heart, and with a sound spirit of entrepreneurship and firm beliefs.

Now, back to the spirit of that project I formulated for the EU; a guessing thought arise in my mind: Why we in the world pretend to develop our countries excluding other nations from the international politic, social, and economic scenario?. Something wrong is in the mind of leaders who decide to act in that way. And that misunderstanding, comes from their heart, because they forget God, the only one owner of this planet, the only governor above all nations.

God wants all the humankind to be his truly sons and daughters, and for that purpose He will remove any obstacles; including those ones who deny Taiwan, Republic of China as a member of the United Nations organization.

Progress can not be built excluding others. World sustainability can not be built on foundations of political ego and unreasonable decisions about the human rights of others.

We, the undersigned, call the UN to accept Taiwan, Republic of China as a member of that world organization; taking into account that only God can judge the humankind. The more than 23 Million people from Taiwan, Republic of China, are a very important portion of humankind.

A conscious and wise humankind, with temporary leaders such as those ruling the UN, should be working on important constructive global issues, and not be wasting their own energy and lives, to obstacle the fundamental human rights of more than 23 Million people to live in a sovereign state.

Planet Earth belongs to God and UN too!

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