LOCOG, ODA, DCMS, DLA, GLA HM Elizabeth II and her kids
United Kingdom

London won the bid for the 2012 Olympics on the grounds that it would emphasise the cultural side of the Olympic movement and that cultural events would blend into the programme of the Games themselves!

Therefore the great cultural happening of pie throwing should be part of this fantastic celebration, I personally along with fellow workers at the Bureau Of Silly ideas have been campaigning up and down the country collecting real signatures from real people so far out of the thousands we have met only 2 people have refused (we know who you are and where you live!!)

This is our first embarkation into cyber campaigning there is already a facebook group “piethrowingfor2012” please join it, email us with questions, donations and offers of help at piethrowingfor2012@gmail.com and above all sign this petition.

Toodle pip

Roger Hartley
CEO Bureau Of Silly ideas

We, the undersigned, believe pies and pie-throwing are an integral part of our culture and should be included in the 2012 celebrations.

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