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City of Phoenix
United States of America

Phoenix AZ needs a skatepark underneath a highway over pass bridge at the location of 17th ave. and the I-10. This infrastructure will be dedicated in the traditions of iconic skateparks under bridges across nationwide. These skateparks include Burnside (Oregon) , Washington Street (San Diego), Channel Street (San Pedro, CA) , Rhoades park (Idaho) , and even Lynch Family skatepark (Boston). By creating the skatepark at this designated location it will bring skateboarding's own culture as well as any extreme wheeled sport to the arts district in Phoenix.

When this happens, artists and skateboarders will be able to make Phoenix a more lively city for our generations to come. This will happen from the ingenuity and spirit of life that artists and skateboarders creatively convey. So, the skatepark will create revenue and tourist attraction for the city of Phoenix because of the location in the arts district as a result.

Also, the city of phoenix needs to build a skatepark at this location under the bridge for our youth to have an escapade from the hot weather. This will benefit our health, offer skateboarders protection from the heat , and have a place for people to hang out at. In the end, a skatepark under the bridge of 17th ave. and Grand needs to be built.

We, the undersigned request an iconic skatepark to be made under neath the bridge of 17th ave. and Grand ave. in the arts district.

Phoenix, AZ needs a skateboarding park underneath a bridge for our youth to escape the hot temperatures and skateboard.

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