New Soon South Community Club

Capitalism is on the rise and KFC has set a higher bid on the venue that used to occupy my beloved Buddy Hoagies.

A place that holds many memories for us Northerners.
A place where students study for their Olevels is now being replaced with a fast food restaurant that is bound to bring a lot of noise to the public.
A place that sells reasonably healthy food that is now, sadly gonna be replaced by deep fried unhealthy chicken.
A place that provides jobs for full time students, elderly people and housewives.
A place that allows kids to play while their parents dine.
A place where the kitchen staff and service staff are like family.

Stop capitalism now by pledging against Lee Bee Wah's support of Fast food chain, KFC.

Dear Lee Bee Wah. Step down, because ever since you proposed for cyclers to get a bicycle license, I laughed. Just because you don't like smokers, doesn't mean you can shut down the place they hang out at.

We, the undersigned, call on Nee Soon South Community Club to stop KFC from taking over Buddy Hoagies' Signature Venue.

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