#Civil Rights
U.S. Govt. Both Houses, President Obama
United States of America

Today thousands of banks, lending houses and other financial organizations have access to your credit report. Of course this is reasonable. Credit reports should be used to establish or extend credit. They should NOT be used to disallow someone a job, a rented or leased apartment, or any other social or medical benefits.

Credit reports should NOT be made accessible to any and all who would use the report to discriminate against our civil rights. Such discrimination should be against the law.

I support bills and laws which make it illegal for companies or private persons to have access to personal credit records for the purpose of discrimination.

I demand my credit reports be kept secure and be accessible only to lenders, real estate brokers, or other credit based companies for legitimate extension of, or application for a line of credit, loans or other financial instruments.

No credit report should be used to determine whether a person is suitable for employment, or able to rent an apartment or home, or for any other reason other than credit purposes.

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