Representatives Ney (R-Ohio) & Jones (R-North Carolina)
United States of America

Congratulations on your recent (11 March '03) success in removing the seditious moniker, "French," from the House cafeteria's menu listings of French Fries and French Toast. We are certain that "Freedom" Fries and "Freedom" Toast will taste much better. However, we feel your gesture is too timid and does not go far enough in stating our country's displeasure with our so-called ally, France.

We recommend that the most symbolic statement we can make to that country of mutinous frogs is to return their two-faced gift of 1886, the Statue of Liberty. In light of France's recent insubordination
(re: threatening US with their UN veto power) the statue now stands - not for Liberty - but for Treachery! Also as a hollow structure that can accommodate people, could it be any more obvious that the Statue is potentially a Trojan Horse full of french-fried traitors and french-toasted spies?
Given the USA's coming military budget needs, we would be satisfied with merely covering Lady Liberty until the war has been paid for. Then it's time for her to go.

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