#Human Rights
Australian Liberal Party

Under the leadership of immigration minister Philip Ruddock, the government of Australia has turned a blind eye to all requests for a serious investigation of Australia's immigration policies and the mandatory detention of people who are legal asylum seekers under international law. These refugees are seeking legal asylum in Australia and are being held in violation of UN directives (which are the law in Australia). Conditions in detention centres must be investigated. Philip Ruddock must step down. Humans rights violations must result in trials.

Philip Ruddock, MP has shown a disregard for the human rights of asylum seekers taking refuge in Australia. These individuals have arrived in accordance with international agreements, yet they are treated as criminals and placed in "detention centres" with armed guards and razor wire, without having been charged or convicted of any crime.
Allegations of mental, physical and sexual abuse have come out repeatedly (including from non-detainees). yet have not been invistigated. We, the undersigned, petition for (1) the removal of Philip Ruddock as Immigration Minister, (2) a full UN investigation of these detention centres with appropriate trials for crimial activity (including human rights violations).

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