#stop promotion of violence
United States of America

This is a petition, to stop the promotion of violence, that we feel YouTube is asserting, by allowing videos of woman, men, and children, being tortured, shot, and beheaded. It is illegal to allow videos of illegal acts to be broadcast.

We dont understand, how YouTube, does not recognize that by posting these horrific videos, they are promoting terrorists actions?

YouTube, is giving these terrorists another reason for this violence, an audience.

We dont feel that terrorists, and these horrific acts, should be recognized as something, that we as a people, and a country, want to see. And giving life to it in the media, is not only disturbing, but we feel, promoting more videos to be made.

We would like to see this stopped immediately.

We, the undersigned, call on "YouTube" to immediately stop allowing access to horrific videos of people in Iraq being, tortured, beaten, shot, and beheaded.

We find this extremely disturbing, and a promotion by giving these videos an audience, which we feel is promoting more of a desire to make more videos for us as a nation, to watch for the purpose of intimidating us.

Remove the beheading videos from YouTube. It is illegal to allow videos of illegal acts to be broadcast.

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