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After years of trying Great Britain managed to land a worldwide sporting event with the potential to leave a lasting legacy on the entire world. The once gleaming face of Seb Coe has since turned to a deep mauve colour after revealing a shambolic excuse of an Olympic symbol, paid for by you, the taxpayer.

The logo of the 2012 Olympics is surely supposed to be a symbol of creativity and originality, two essential ingredients of any Olympics. Instead, as it stands it is a vulgar concoction of obscenely coloured shapes with no real guise or meaning. Surely you don't want to spend two weeks watching what is meant to be the greatest cultural festival in sport with such a faceless logo polluting the image of our fine capital.

But don't worry, it doesn't have to be two weeks of cringing behing the sofa and wincing during every advertising break, if the logo is changed.
This logo is the brainchild of William Woodhead, a schoolboy who has come up with a logo capable of challenging advertising gurus paid a reported half a million pounds, more importantly he is capable of bringing back a sense of much needed Olympic flavour to London.

Unknown to the disgruntled public, Seb Coe himself is currently considering the logo of William Woodhead and has asked him to prove the popularity of his design. With your help we can make this creative masterpiece the icon of a great Olympic games, and usurp the current dour logo.

Thanks for your support.
Ed Stoner


We, the people of Britain (the undersigned), call upon the London Olympic Committee to change the Olympic 2012 logo into something we can be proud of, the logo designed by William Woodhead.

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