Prime minister of Canada

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

We the undersigned, as the Iranian community of Canada and U.S. would like to express our thanks for your government's efforts in the case of Canadian journalist who was murdered in Iran, the Late Ms. Kazemi. We would like to remind your Excellency that it is greatly important for the Iranian community all across the world that the truth is known about the circumstances surrounding the arrest, torture and murder of Canadian journalist Ms. Kazemi in the hands of Islamic Republic officials. It is needless to say that Ms. Kazemi's case is just an example of what the government of Iran feels entitled to do to its current or former citizens.

Your Excellency, we demand the full protection of our rights under Canadian as well as International laws. The government of Iran must not be allowed to violate the basic human rights of its citizens, let alone the citizens of other countries and Canada. The international community and the Canadian government must make it clear to the government of the Islamic republic that they will not be allowed to get away with these violations.

Your Excellency, we demand that your government cut all ties with the Islamic republic should the government of Iran continue to refuse to send the body of Ms. Kazemi back to Canada for a fair and transparent investigation and continues to violate the rights of Iranian citizens. We would also like to express our full trust in the Canadian Criminal Courts and system. We would also like to express our support and appreciation of the Canadian Law enforcement in Vancouver British Colombia and let you know that the Iranian community resent the shameless allegations of the Islamic republic officials with regards to the tragic accident in Vancouver B.C.

We have prepared this Petition for Iranians in Canada and U.S to sign which express our thanks for government's efforts in the case of Canadian journalist who was murdered in Iran, the Late Ms. Kazemi.

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