#Children's Rights
Google, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp

The "MOMO" meme and challenge is lurking around on social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Not only the scary challenges are very dangerous, especially to our children, but the images are so disturbing (even the MOMO profile images) that they can cause severe mental injuries to our children as well.
Many social media users, influencers use this phenomenon to reach likes, visibility and popularity, not caring about the damage they can cause for selfish reasons.
We together can make a change. We can force the social media to block all these contents and users.
As a parent of two I ask you to sign this petition and spread the word to get as many people sign this as possible.
Make a change. Protect our most valuable treasures, our children!
Thank you

We, the undersigned, call on social media organisations, such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to immediately block the MOMO meme together with all related graphics/images, content, videos, memes, and delete all videos and images associated with it, as it is extremely dangerous to children.
We also call on these organisations to block, delete or suspend all users, YouTubers, etc who are sharing the MOMO meme to gain profit from it.
Your sincerely,
The undersigned

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