#Animal Rights

This petition appeals to Adidas to stop using kangaroo leather in their products. Each year, millions of kangaroos are killed in what is widely regarded as the largest wildlife massacre on the planet. Kangaroo joeys are bludgeoned to death or discarded and left to die from cold, starvation and predation.

Shockingly, the number one supporters of this barbaric trade are sports shoe manufacturers, who purchase the skins and turn them into football boots. Adidas, one of the kangaroo industry’s biggest customers, is a major driving force behind the industry.

We, the undersigned, believe the slaughter of kangaroos is morally and ethically unacceptable.

Therefore, we call on Adidas to withdraw its support from the slaughter of kangaroos by ceasing to purchase and/or use kangaroo leather.

Furthermore, we pray that Adidas will investigate and adopt the use of cruelty free synthetic alternatives for all footwear. Thank you.

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