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Petition for true Democracy in the UK

Petition for true Democracy in the UK

Petition your MP to provide the UK with True Democracy at the coming 2010 election.

Support any independent candidate if they promise True Democracy.

Become a candidate yourself for True Democracy.

True democracy is a quantum and radical change to politics as we know it.

Firstly you do not have to support a political party, most of whom have been proved to be corrupt and work actively to deny democracy. But you can ask them to support True Democracy. If they refuse then vote for someone who will.

If the political party refuses to give power to we the people then vote for anyone else but a political party.

True Democracy

True Democracy is Government by the people for the people, something we in the UK have never had. Simply put, the power lies with the people and not with a political elite as now.

Through the power of the internet, every citizen is given an ongoing vote, which allows them to vote on any matter. No longer will a corrupt Government be able to take us to war on a lie, because we the people will decide. No longer will our local politicians and our national politicians be able to bring in legislation that makes life worse for or oppresses we the people, because we the people will vote against it and our vote will count.

At present you are given a vote every five years or so, the politician MP or local councillor then has carte blanche to enrich themselves and be as corrupt as they like destroying living standards for we the people and there is nothing we the people can do to stop them. We know from the current expenses scandal that the politicians are above the law because there has been no sackings and no prosecutions.

With True Democracy we the people could command a vote of no confidence in individual politicians or en-bloc against a Government and call for a vote of no confidence and rid ourselves of them, with no pay off's and no gold plated pension for failure.

Whilst at first I am sure there would be many trials and tribulations I believe that once people realise they have the power to make things better for themselves and their families, they would start to work together to make society better and fairer for everybody.

Never has the time been more right for a bloodless revolution and the right for the people to Govern themselves.

If no party is willing to offer True Democracy, then stand yourself or support someone who will.

“With Power comes Freedom”

Edward and Tony Devoy

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